Pastor Dorothy Cooper Washington

To God Be The Glory! On September 1, 2017, the pastor of Greater Hines Chapel in Andrews,
SC, Suffragan Bishop Jimmie Washington Emeritus, made his transition. In October 2017 his
faithful wife, Evangelist Dorothy Cooper Washington (daughter of the late District Elder Ella B.
Cooper), was appointed overseer of Greater Hines Chapel and in March of 2018, she was
installed as the pastor of Greater Hines Chapel. The newly installed pastor and the church
family knew that with the help of God, they had to complete the work that Suffragan Bishop
Washington had started.


For The People Had A Mind To Work!
SB Jimmie Washington and the members had been able to decrease the church mortgage of
$400,000 to $125,000 before his death. With a heart for the people and a desire to eliminate
the mortgage balance of $125,000, Pastor Dorothy Washington decided not to receive a
stipend from the church.
She sought God for guidance and strategies, and He gave her the plan to execute. She shared
that plan with the members and they caught hold of the vision. Within a year and six months
the church was able to liquidate the mortgage of $125,000 and in July of 2019, Greater Hines
Chapel became mortgage free! To God be the Glory for an outstanding accomplishment!
Mortgage Burning Ceremony
On November 24, the church celebrated with a Mortgage Burning Service, with Region 4
Director, Suffragan Bishop Rodney James, and Region 4 members. The speaker for this
auspicious occasion was the chairman of the South Carolina Community of Churches of the
P.A.W., Suffragan Bishop Eric Morris, along with the Citadel of Hope Ministries Church family of
Columbia, SC. They were blessed to have Bishop Marion Wright, Sr., diocesan of the North
Carolina State Council, P.A.W., as well as visitors, friends and family from the surrounding area
to help celebrate the occasion as. To God be the Glory for blessing Pastor Dorothy Washington
with the vision and thereby engendering the great success of liquidating the mortgage in such
a short period of time. Pastor Washington and Greater Hines Chapel Apostolic Church are
excited about what God has in store for them NEXT!
A Salute
Bishop Charles Ellis III and the South Carolina Community of Churches salute you, Pastor
Dorothy Washington, for this great achievement and honor you for your commitment to the
work of the Lord! May God’s hand continually rest upon you and your congregation!



Pastor Dorothy Cooper Washington 

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