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Licensing and Credentials

PAW License 
The PAW Non-ordained License issued by the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. is available for
ministers who have held a Local License from the South Carolina  Community l of Churches  for at least one year and have
completed the Ministerial Introduction Aenon Bible College Course. The certificate of completion, along with a
completed and signed application and accompanying fees must be submitted to the License and Credentials
Office during the Conference Session.


The application can be downloaded from this site. After one has held the
non-ordained PAW license for one year, they are then eligible to apply for Ordination. The Ordination
Preparation Aenon Bible College Course must be completed and a certificate issued before applying for an
Ordained PAW license. The certificate of completion, along with the signed application and accompanying fees
must be submitted to the License and Credentials Office during the annual July Session. Ordination services
customarily take place during the Friday evening services. Instructions will be given to all candidates prior to
the services. All license applications must be approved and signed by the local pastor. All Aenon course
descriptions are available online at 

All members of local churches are encouraged to become members of the South Carolina  Community  of Churches and to
participate in the various activities of the Conference and its auxiliaries. Applications must be signed by the
applicant’s pastor. Members are eligible to participate in business sessions.

Fellowship Certificate is available for those who wish to visit hospitals but do not desire to be licensed ministers. The fee must accompany the application. Local License applicants must have maintained membership in the Council for at least one year and have been in attendance for at least three of the four Conference sessions. Ministerial Local License fee must accompany the application.

Bishop $500
Suffragan Bishop $250
Fellowship Cerfificate $25
District Elders $250
Pastors $150
Ordained Ministers $100
Non-ordained Min (non-Pastors) $100
Non-Pastoring, Ordained person over 62 $50

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Licensing & Credentials
SCSC License

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