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As we minister to our men, it becomes apparent that not only do men need ministries made for them but that men are looking for them as well. Jesus once talked to His disciples about finishing the work that the Father had given him to do. He then challenged the disciples to look at the fields, to notice that they were ripe, ready to be harvested.  Each council our brothers come together to worship, learn and support the South Carolina State Council’s mission and vision. 


The Women's Ministry of the South Carolina State Council provides opportunities for women to fulfill their calling to share in the Great Commission Christ gave to his church.The support of Christian women  through fellowship is essential to continue reaching and teaching women. This powerful ministry enables women to establish and strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ, develop in godly maturity and share the message of Jesus Christ with the world.

Our mission is to support the holistic and educational needs of each SCSC church by giving information to develop sound doctrine for Christian education based on the Word of God. The Christian Education Ministry will teach & encourage family members to build grace-based relationships.

Our Ministry Instructors are instruments of restoration and reformation.


The mission of the South Carolina State Council Young People’s Union is to empower and ensure the natural and spiritual development of young people through innovative ministry for the purpose of growing dynamic Christians.

You may have had an experience of feeling marginalized or segregated by singles groups, but you don't have to feel this way.  This ministry is designed for unmarried young adults who enjoy fellowship, inclusiveness and who love the Lord. The ministry provides empowerment and inspiration to help believers continue a lifestyle of holiness.  


The SCSC children's ministry provides resources with one goal: to let God shine through children so that they will grow in Jesus! Everything here revolves around loving and teaching the truth of Christ. Come, let your children discover a few of the fun and exciting new resources we know that you'll enjoy during the council.

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